One Chain to Connect all Financial Services


ZVChain established comprehensive payable and receivable system for enterprises.

To enable fast payment settlement between companies and institutions. Based on Chiron consensus among core parties, ZV Chain provide the solutions to connect business credential and financial credibility on chain.


Evolutionary Financial Technology that safeguards Security and privacy
  • Basic accounts are endowed with data privacy protection mechanism to ensure transactions cannot be connected or traced.
Real Random Consensus

  • Proposer VRF posteriori to ensure fairness . Validator BLS priori to ensure consistency . Hashgraph CP mechanism to ensure final irreversibility.
Python Smart Contract

  • Secure computation without spillover risk . Simple and convenient to use. Easy to transform financial contracts into smart contracts . Wide coverage of programmers .
Lightning Network

  • Support 20,000+ throughput . Support inter-branch clearance . Higher liquidity in global finance, connecting both consumers and businesses .


ZVChain is a highly secure, regulated and expandable financial public chain that uses an energy-efficient chain-based hierarchical routing protocol, Chiron, which integrates the top two cryptographic cutting-edge technologies - VRF (Verifiable Random Function) + BLS (Boneh–Lynn–Shacham) consensus algorithm. It will also inherit this robust protocol-level consensus algorithm to provide a dual accounting system that complies with traditional financial logic and its vision is to build a Decentralized Finance Ecosystem for businesses and to simplify their business interactions in the future.
To learn more about the technology of ZVChain, check out our whitepaper.


One-Chain Ecosystem to Connect All Financial Services


• Compliance with regulatory bodies and privacy with encrypted transaction details for trade secret protection

• Collaboration with financial institutions to create an integrated real-time network to support global payments

• Incorporation of smart finance modules to establish a comprehensive smart self-governing community